20 Dishes to Very Easily Eat in Bed

Breakfast in bed is a supposedly romantic notion that only happens to me in real life when I mean something like: “It’s too cold to leave the bed—please bring me sustenance?”

A dream that doesn't come true.
A dream that doesn’t come true.
Photo by Mark Weinberg

Yes, I have been told eating in bed is bad for you and surely there are a lot of practicalities to consider (are you sitting up, are your hands greasy, how easy is it for you to spill, will there be crumbs?), but sometimes, we are lazy it’s just too cold to leave the bed.

No food is spill-proof, but these get pretty close to it. Don’t ask me how I know. Here are 20 foods you can easily eat in bed:

Bowl Foods

(But nothing with too small of a particle—ahem, quinoa—to smush and therefore disappear into sheets.)

Related Bowl Food: Thick Soupy Things

Because thinner mixtures have a greater chance of splashing (chicken noodle soup, you’ve gotten us through some sick days, but you might just have to sit this one out).

Breads & Pasta That Don’t Go Flying

Because beds don’t like crumbs crawling or noodles squirming. Or at least the people who have to clean them up don’t.

Finger Foods

You can get away with more-than-one-biters if the food isn’t prone to leaving a trail of any sort (crumbs, liquid, seeds).

Tell us: What foods have you eaten in bed without spilling? Ten points if you say burrito.

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