7 Steps to Achieving Financial Independence


As a young child, I wanted to be rich by the time I turned 40 years old.

However, at age 20, it seemed nearly impossible. After all, I was working for less than $8 per hour at a retail store, which netted me only $10,000 per year. When I had free time at the store, I would grab receipt paper and write down my future salary, according to my age and promotions within that particular company:

Age 22: Assistant Manager $20,000 per year.

Age 25: Store Manager-$50,000 per year

Age 30: Regional Manager-$80,000 per year

Age 35: VP of Sales-$120,000 per year

Age 40: CEO-Millions!!!

I figured that career path would take me to financial independence. If my current employer didn’t notice me, maybe one of my clients would, so whenever a customer came to our store, I would give them the pitch: “Hello sir, today, we have a sale: buy one, get one free.” Nine out of 10 times, they’d say “I’m just looking.”

Thankfully, I found out soon enough that the math on the receipt paper didn’t quite work out. Once I took the leap to become financially independent, I never had to return to that store again. Financial independence is the ability to live the rest of your life without working another day in your life. Here are the 7 Ways to Achieve Financial Independence: 

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