SmooVth – SS96J


SmooVth of The Winners, an independent crew known for high-quality grown-man Rap, dropped his new album SS96J this week. The title means Smoothest Since ’96 J, and SmooVth explains:

“When Jay-Z came in the game with his first album, he was the ‘voice of the hustlers.’ He brought a new style and confidence, with rhymes that made listeners visualize the street life through the eyes of a hustler. SS96J is my story. This is my Reasonable Doubt. I’m the smoothest since ’96 Jigga.”

The tape features guest appearances from fellow Winners representatives Hus Kingpin, Marvelous Mag, Sage Infinite and Sean Rosati, as well as Planet Asia, Killer Ben and Big Twins.

Stream below and purchase via your preferred digital retailer.


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Posted by eskay

on Tuesday, September 27th, 2016 at 3:08 pm
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